About The Band

Mammoth Water Style

 Mammoth Water merges together psychedelic electronic funk music with live improvisational drums and ripping guitar to create a brand new genre of music; Psychedelic Electronic Funk-Rock. Mammoth Water is an act guaranteed to get the music moving and people dancing. Think Griz meets Phish.  

Band Members

Jason Ahlquist (Age 25) Drums, Vocals and Production. From Metro-Detroit, MI. 

Dylan Tuthill (Age 25) Guitar and Vocals. From Metro-Detroit, Michigan. 


Jason Ahqluist and Dylan Tuthill met in Denver, Colorado in November of 2016. Upon meeting they discovered both musicians hail from Detroit, Michigan. They actually attended Michigan State University  within the same time frame, but did not meet until Jason responded to Dylan's Craiglist ad in Denver. Within minutes of their first encounter, the two band members connected on a shared love of Funk and Jazz music. Quickly the two decided to form a project with one goal in mind; to do something completely original and distinctively unique. The rest as they say is history.